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Week 9, Term Two, 2017

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Last week, some of the Japanese classes participated in a Calligraphy lesson with Ms. Yukiko Nihei. We were very grateful for this opportunity and her instruction and guidance were effective.

Japanese calligraphy or Shodo, in Japanese, is a traditional art of writing with very specific rules and regulations. The brush (fude) and the ink (sumi) are used to draw the characters on special paper.

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The Year 7 and Year 9 students were very keen to practise their skills and they soon realised that each stroke must be drawn once only without correction. This was a difficult skill to master, but some artistic students showed promise and some suggested they would be doing this over their holiday break.

The Year 10 Japanese classes were given a presentation by Mr David May, from our IT department, about his recent trip to Japan for the Hamamatsu Matsuri. Festivals are very popular in Japan and the Hamamatsu festival is a big celebration for the community near Shizuoka. It is based on celebrating children and their growth and development, along with a festival of Kites. The students were interested in the travel itinerary, as this was the recent study topic for them in Japanese. We would like to thank Mr May for his time and for his colourful presentation.

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