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Week 10, Term Three, 2019

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Seven members of the Science Committee were given the sensational opportunity to attend Journey through our Cosmos. Award-winning British-Australian astrophysicist, Australia's first Women in STEM Ambassador and Professor of Practice in Science Communication at the University of NSW, author and TV presenter, Lisa Harvey-Smith presented the lecture.

Our group was the youngest in the audience and the only high school students attending. We were nervous we wouldn’t understand anything; however, we quickly became immersed in the fascinating concepts of dying constellations and the formation of stars. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was realising that our very own galaxy will collide with our larger spiralled neighbour, Andromeda, in 3.8 billion years.

Dr Harvey-Smith also discussed her own story and her pathway to becoming an author of, When Galaxies Collide and Under the Stars. We were able to meet her, purchase her books and even take a photo with her!

The knowledge we attained at the conference truly emphasised the opportunities associated with Science Committee. Our commitment and regular attendance gave us the chance to touch on astrophysics – the upcoming Year 10 physics unit! Listening to Lisa was truly out of this world and made us wonder if one day we will be able to witness the collision of galaxies or the formation of stars in our own sky..

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