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Junior School “Discovery Sessions” in the Senior Science Lab




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Week 6, Term Two, 2018

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One of our initiatives as Somerset STEM Ambassadors is to promote Science within the Junior School. Recently, we invited the Junior students to visit the Senior Science Labs for a hands-on Science experience.

Each Wednesday lunch we entertain, engage and excite a different class with a number of Chemistry, Physics and Biology experiments and demonstrations. Science Committee Ambassadors from a range of year levels show our younger peers some of the activities and concepts we have learnt in class, with each member taking ownership of a different activity.

Experiments include exploring firework theory through coloured flames, using microscopes to view biological specimens and generating electricity from lemons. All these activities are incredibly interesting, however, probably the most excitement has been seen when Leigh Amores’ hydrogen rockets shoot up to the ceiling of the lab, or when Emelia Fink demonstrates her hair raising adventures with the Van de Graaff generator.

So far, we have had a fantastic time working with some of the Year 5 students and we are looking forward to meeting many more Junior students throughout the year.

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