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Week 1,
Term One, 2017

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Well done to Lucas Stokes. Lucas (in Year 11 Veivers) is currently in Los Angeles completing an International Acting Master Class, for which he was offered a scholarship place.

He is currently involved in classes given by actors, casting directors and authors as well as doing studio readings, auditions and Showcase rehearsals. This is a fantastic opportunity for Lucas. He won’t be back until next week, so if you see him around make sure you find out what he has been up to.

Lucas Stokes in the 2016 Senior School Musical, High School Musical.

During the year, many of our students, both in the Senior and Junior school, achieve excellent results in examinations run by the various examination boards and also participate in a variety of eisteddfods and competitions. We would like to acknowledge these students formally through Somerset Times, but it is impossible for us to know absolutely everything that happens. Please drop me a line when a student has produced a noteworthy performance and it will duly published. It is necessary for the relevant documentation to be sent through so as to ensure we have the details correct. Please forward any news regarding achievements to my email

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