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Keneti Galo Visit with Year 7s




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Week 5, Term Three, 2019

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Year 7 boys had the amazing opportunity to meet Keneti Galo Thursday August 8. Keneti shared his personal experiences in an interactive way to bring us an important message about actions and consequences, and how we can bounce back from mistakes we make as young impulsive teenage boys who don’t always think things through.

Keneti spoke openly to us about how life can take your breath away quickly in big moments and in everyday things, and to recognise what we are doing in each moment right now, and how we can do the little things right.

We learnt ways to stop and take in some air and ask ourselves “What choices can I make right now?” So that we don’t “shoot from the hip”. And if we do make a mistake, how we can respond so we can bounce back from that by asking “Where do I go from here?”

In one of the interactive group experiences we experienced the power of clapping together, and how it can create a feeling of strength in unity and how negativity can hinder us. We needed everyone to work together or the exercise couldn’t work.

I believe that we could all learn from Keneti’s stories. I have personally benefited from the powerful lessons he taught us, and more importantly, I am grateful that he showed us how to apply the lessons in our lives. We are all different, but we can easily fly if we all stick together.

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