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Week 4,
Term Four, 2016

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The annual Oktoberfest for Teens event in Brisbane showcased some of Bavaria’s cultural highlights and gave our students a taste of one of the world’s biggest festivals. With the air filled with the melodies of Volksmusik and the smell of baking Brezeln, our Years 7 and 8 German students could be forgiven for believing they had found themselves at Munich’s Wiesn.

Our students certainly looked the part, with many parading around in their Dirndl dresses or Lederhosen. Our students danced and sang to our favourite German song, the Fliegerlied, and were involved in the much-anticipated pretzel eating competition. There were exciting rides, traditional food and the Gummibär races were fiercely competitive. It was a fun-filled day, and students came home with gingerbread Herzen hanging around their necks. We were glad they were able to experience and appreciate this culturally rich event and be immersed in the German language for day.

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