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Local Students to Get a Taste of Extreme Poverty




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Week 7, Term Two, 2018

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Somerset College students are getting a taste of how the 1.4 billion people around the world living in extreme poverty survive as they try to live on just $2.00 a day. Thousands of young Australians will give up their daily treats to live on $2.00 a day for five days as part of Live Below the Line, a youth run poverty alleviation campaign.

Vivi Baker, Lilly Thompson and Chloe Piantkiwskyj, have vowed to join the cause and raise funds for education initiatives in Cambodia and Timor-Leste.

2018 - T2 - W7 - poverty challenge

Vivi is doing the Live Below the Line challenge for the second year in a row and has so far raised over $830.

“It is definitely a challenge, but it is a rewarding and eye-opening experience that I believe everyone should try at least once.

“It really changes your perspective on money and how you spend it, and makes you think twice before buying that $6.00 coffee,” she said.

The Somerset College students were inspired to take the challenge to raise awareness and money for people around the world living in extreme poverty.

“I think Live Below the Line is a great challenge and it gives insight regarding the diet and restrictive food that people living in poverty could face which makes it a really unique challenge,” Chloe said.

In countries just north of Australia, people live without running water, or access to schools or medical care.

“I think this is really important so I encourage as many people this year to join the movement and donate to Live Below the Line to see lives change across the world,” Lilly said.

Since its inception in 2010, Live Below the Line has raised over $10.8 million, which has been instrumental in facilitating education projects in Cambodia and Timor-Leste.

Live Below the Line is a campaign run by the Oaktree Foundation, Australia’s largest aid and development organization run by volunteers under the age of 26.

Visit to sign up or donate to these students to help them make a difference.

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