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Locked In A Jail Cell – Zeal Theatre’s Take on Bullying




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Week 9, Term Three, 2017

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Zeal Theatre performed its piece, The Apology for the Year 8 students in the Performing Arts Theatre, Monday 28 August. Inspired by true events, The Apology is an honest look at the repercussions of taking revenge and the long term effects from bullying.

"Ray is being bullied by ‘the Eneme’. When a year-nine excursion to the Boggo Road Goal goes awry, Ray’s dad encourages him to pick his moment and fight back. The Apology ricochets through a five year period where the bruises of bullying refuse to heal. Told from an unbiased perspective, this powerful production forces students to decide if the punishment fits the crime. Fuelled with intensity, The Apology fuses physical theatre techniques, multiple role-sharing and live music into visceral and dynamic Theatre for Young People."

2017 - T3 - W9 - Zeal Year 8

Artslink Queensland, 2014

This thought provoking work inspired some considered, reflective discussions from the Year 8 students as they completed an analysis task after the performance.

"The key message of the play is never to judge someone without knowing their background. Because even if you think you know, you actually don’t. You only know their name, not their past. Do not judge people, bully them or give them a hard time because it could change their life forever."

"The Apology taught us that although you can’t control what other people do, you can decide what you yourself do. Every action has a consequence."

"Consider what the person who is being bullied is feeling, place yourself in their shoes. Remember to think before you speak. If you feel like what you are going to say will hurt others, don’t say it."

Live theatre has the power to explore complex themes and challenge the way we (as the audience) think and feel. Thank you to Sam and Hayden from Zeal Theatre for providing this experience for our Year 8 students.

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