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Week 4, Term Four, 2017

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After assessments are finalised and deadlines are met, it was time for a little fun in Design. The Year 9s wrapped up 2017 with an educational twist, playing the Materials Edition of Monopoly.

This year the Year 9 Design students have worked very hard. They began the year with their Save the Bees unit, resulting in dozens of bee hotels being installed in the rainforest area around the Rudkin building. Following this, additive manufacturing and thermoforming were the areas of focus. As a reward for the students’ hard work, a Materials Edition of Monopoly was tracked down and shipped over from the UK.

Designed and made by students at The Universities of Sheffield and Manchester, famous English locations are replaced by materials. The materials range from readily available natural woods, through base metals, composite materials all the way to the rare Premium Platinum where we would normally find the illustrious Mayfair.


All come with information cards and so among the negotiation skills required to determine who gets to be the dog, who gets to be the banker, who buys and sells certain properties, the students were exposed to some unfamiliar terminology which they may not otherwise have come across.

Well done, Year 9, for a great year of work!

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