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Maths and Performing Arts?




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Week 3,
Term One, 2017

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While some members of the Maths Department have a passion for Musicals and the Performing Arts, this is not an article about the singing and dancing maths teacher! Instead it’s a snapshot of an initiative the Maths Department have been developing over the past year – Maths Lectures - and the venue just happens to be the Performing Arts Theatre.

For many advocates of contemporary education, lectures are usually relegated to the online environment, such as YouTube and Khan Academy, but for students at Somerset College, the Maths Department is increasingly using the lecture format to deliver key concepts and information to multiple classes.

2017 - T1 - W3 - Maths

The majority of classes are taken in their respective classrooms, however there are occasions, such as when students are receiving assignments, when all the students benefit from receiving the same message. This is best achieved using the lecture format. This week the Year 11B Maths students had their first lecture for the year in the Performing Arts Theatre on the topic of Modelling Linear Functions. The lecture was delivered by Mr Abdou and Mr Wally Broader, however there was also input from the other 11B teachers, Mr Kemp and Mr Turner. There were plenty of moments too, when the students were able to engage in conversation and attempt problems themselves.

One of the best aspects to the Maths lectures is it brings the whole subject together and allows the students to see the other subject teachers interacting with each other and sharing knowledge. Whether it be in The Ray Building Dining Room or the Performing Arts Theatre, the lecture environment provides a fresh perspective from the traditional classroom and gives students an insight into how much of their tertiary education will be delivered.

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