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Week 4,
Term One, 2016

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The Somerset College Maths Department runs a one hour session each week for students seeking assistance with maths outside of class. Students are welcome to bring along any questions they are struggling with or want to explore further.

While they tend to become popular just before assessments and exams, these sessions are open to students throughout the year during term time, and all students are encouraged to attend. “I can ask questions without being embarrassed”, says a Year 9 student.

Maths Tutoring is on every Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm to 4.30pm every week, during term time and is located downstairs in the SLC building. Depending on numbers, Seniors (Years 11 and 12) are sometimes located upstairs in the SLC rooms, while the Juniors (Years 7 to 10) are in the computer labs below. “The teachers are so helpful, patient and kind”, reports a student from Year 11.

Maths tutoring not only provides an opportunity for students to seek assistance with their maths work, but it also provides a place to study and complete maths work in a supervised environment. A Year 12 Student comments, “I enjoy learning maths and improving myself”.

Students are encouraged to bring maths work to Maths Tutoring and can stay for part or all of the session. “It’s fun and I needed something to do on Thursdays” - Year 7 Student.

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