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Week 10, Term Three, 2017

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Somerset was very fortunate to secure the Living History performers, who recently visited the school to perform for our Year 7 and 8 students. These self-confessed ‘history tragics’ provided the students with an interesting performance which was part story-telling and part re-enactment.

The performers brought weapons, armour, clothing from different historical periods and a variety of reconstructed artefacts when they visited the College.

The Year 7 students experienced Ancient Egypt which tied into their current study and for the Year 8s it was a lesson about Medieval Europe, complimenting the Medieval focus in this year’s history study.

The clothing, the weapons and the armour provided a lot of hands on experience for the students who jumped at the opportunity to hold swords, maces and put on Chain mail. I’m sure that quite a few would have loved the opportunity to apply their medieval jousting and fighting skills, honed during many hours of online contests. It is probably fortunate there was no opportunity provided for those students to inflict damage on each other.

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