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Week 8, Term Four, 2018

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Following an already challenging two days of hiking through the gorgeous region of Mount Barney National Park on 6 September, the Year 10 camp group led by Captain Lez (Mrs Leslie) and Hendo (Mr Henderson) set out to summit Mount Maroon. In the days leading up to this hike, we had encountered little resistance, which had placed our spirits high for what would be a demanding climb.

However, our luck would soon take a turn when one of our members saw an injury. Although her safety was fortunately ensured, our schedule had been delayed two hours. Nonetheless, we continued with the ambition to summit Mount Maroon.

It was at 200m from the summit that we could see a storm system approach and so the upsetting, yet appropriate decision was made to turn back in respect for our safety. Although we could all be proud of what we had achieved for ourselves and as a group on this camp, for most of us, it felt inevitable that we would soon return in the near future to summit.

Fast forward two months and a consensus for a rematch had been made; a Mount Maroon 2.0 set for November 25th. With 9 of the original 16 students partaking in this hike, it was special to see such an eager and dedicated group of individuals freely give up their Sunday for this unique mission of ours. Upon arriving at the base of Mount Maroon, clear skies presented itself and a more hopeful atmosphere was certainly felt by all. Progress to the top was efficient, with optimistic mind-sets and strong fellowship seen unfailingly. A short time after midday we had made it, we were all standing victorious at the summit of Mount Maroon, 967m above sea level. The serenity was truly spectacular and the feelings that were experienced at the summit were heartfelt. This moment undoubtedly became a memory of purity for us all.

As Captain Lez would say, ‘the view was definitely worth it!’.

Thank you to Mrs Leslie and Mr Henderson for this opportunity – sincerely your 2018 Year 10 camp group.

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