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Week 9, Term Two, 2017

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The inaugural Mudgee Kids Disco was held last week and for those who attended, a great night was had by all. Being our first disco, there were many uncertainties. But with some careful planning and meetings the organising committee of Meghan, Uni, Manasi, Charlotte and Amy were able to make it happen.

From organising a venue to arranging a playlist, the decorations and much more the event was a success and this was evident by looking at the faces of our guests. We were very impressed with the turnout of students from both schools, further highlighting the strong bond our two schools share.

The incredible atmosphere of positivity, encouragement and contagious joy was more than we had ever hoped for and we were humbled to think the event had such a positive impact on the kids from Mudgeeraba. We were able to form connections, show off our killer dance moves and incredibly crazy style in what was a definite highlight of Semester 1. We look forward to the next disco and hope it will be just as fantastic as the first.

Thank you Mr Walker, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Lisowski from MSSS. We would not have been able to pull this amazing event off without your support and encouragement.

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