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Week 8, Term One, 2020

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Hi, my name is Aaron Lim and for my Year 10 Personal Project, I built a 1:40 scale Lego model of the HMAS Vampire. The HMAS Vampire (D11) is Australia's largest Museum Ship and the last of the Daring Class big gun destroyers in existence.

My father took me on-board the HMAS Vampire at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney in 2012. I was fascinated by the ship, its history and service. We had a lot of fun that day, and it left a lasting impression.

I chose to build the HMAS Vampire in Lego as my Personal Project, which would integrate history, global politics, media arts, engineering design skills. It was designed and built 'on the go' (i.e. no plans or instructions) and the model was completed 10 February 2020.

My references were photos we took in 2012 and what I could gather from the internet. There is no gluing or cutting of the Lego parts. The model is held together naturally by Lego connections. Using Lego Power Functions, the gun turrets are motorised and can be remotely controlled. We posted photos of the model on Facebook Lego Groups in Australia and garnered over 1000+ likes.

More recently, the Australian National Maritime Museum has expressed interest in adding the model to their collection. Some statistics of the model: Length: 2.976m, Beam 32cm, Max height 83cm, Estimated 30,000 pieces of Lego used.

See YouTube link to videos, The Ship and Remote Controlled Turrets showcasing the ship.

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