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Week 5, Term Two, 2020

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My name is Amaani Bhasin and for my Personal Project, I decided to write a half an hour comedic, fictitious play. My play follows the story of the end of the world, as seen in Norse mythology, with a twist.

My love of writing combined with my love of acting, inspired me to write a play. I decided to make a fusion of Greek and Norse mythology because I am fascinated by mythology and I read Percy Jackson a lot as a child. I also read this play called the Greek Mythology Olympianza by Don Zoldis which is what gave me the idea to write a play.

I had strayed a little bit behind my schedule in the writing of my play, as I struggled to find inspiration and motivation to start. However, I then mentally forced myself back on track and now have an edited draft of a half hour play. I wasn’t aware of how hard it truly is to come up with an efficient storyline and write a script following that storyline, until I started my research and my writing. I didn’t have the freedom that television writer and book authors have with their stories. I am limited to a few sets and actors, and I need to keep the story moving using realistic dialogue. It is certainly a lot to keep track of. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed writing the play.

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