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Week 1, Term Three, 2020

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To bring an end to my Middle Years Programme I have undertaken my Personal Project. Throughout this project I made a decision to view my learning through a global context lens of identities and relationships.

Subsequently, I have explored the interconnectedness of relationships and communities, moreover, my personal health. In short, exploring what it means to be a human being and what makes us human.

My Personal Project was to formulate and implement an effective training and diet plan; only regarded successful if I completed a 400 kilometre Road Ride efficiently and effectively. I undertook this project to stretch my parameters, discover more about myself and how varying communities interact. Unfortunately, my original plan, to ride from Sydney to Canberra, was compromised due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, I persisted and altered my route, which began in the Gold Coast and finished in Coffs Harbour (414 kilometres and around 3,000 metres of elevation).

Thankfully, I completed the trip last week (23 June) with extremely sore legs, however, no injuries. Throughout the journey we stayed at Byron Bay, Evans Head, Brooms Head and Coffs Harbour. Nicholas Tan (my riding partner) and I rode around 100 kilometres each day, meeting my coach (and our classy camper) at each stop, where we were treated to gastronomical delights. This trip was made possible due to my extensive physical preparation and logistical planning. This consisted of meetings with Glauber, my coach, and in-depth planning with my parents. Throughout the trip I learnt a plethora of new things about myself, changing my overall approach and perspective, regarding life in general.

I cannot believe that I am nearing the end of my Personal Project, how time flies. I am so grateful for everyone that made my trip possible as I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, I have been left with amazing, lifelong memories. I hope I inspired others to push their limits and leave their comfort zones. Remember anything is possible.

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