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Week 6, Term Two, 2020

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My name is Kobee Munro and for my Personal Project I am writing and publishing a children’s picture book. The underlying purpose of the story is to promote the celebration of cultural and ethnic diversity from a young age, through the medium of literature.

After some initial research, it became evident to me that within the market of children’s literature, there was an increasing demand for books that featured diverse cultures and represented characters from a wider variety of backgrounds. Simply put, young readers come from a variety of backgrounds, and so, they want to read about characters they can relate to. Therefore, I decided that in an effort to fulfil this market need, I would write and publish a book for children aged three to six, that features a young Indigenous Australian girl, as the story’s protagonist.

Once I began the process, I quickly realised that writing children’s literature is much more difficult than I had anticipated. In fact, during this project, I have found the most difficult challenge to be writing a story that is entertaining enough to engage such a young audience. Thankfully, however, this task was made slightly easier with the use of visually appealing illustrations.

Throughout this project, I have gained a greater appreciation for the importance of literature; particularly how the content that young children engage with, underpins their understanding of the world around them. This project, although challenging, has been immensely rewarding and I am proud of the product I have created and the impact it will have on its intended audience.

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