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Week 8, Term Two, 2020

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My Personal Project is an exploration of memory and identity through photography, which in itself is a representation of memory and circumstance. I had the privilege of meeting some amazing people all who have memory disorders and are attending a cognitive stimulation programme at a Gold Coast Hospital.

Over several months I spent time with each of them taking their photographic portraits and at the same time they were asked to share a possession that was special to them, some details of their lives and words of wisdom.

2020 - T2 - W8 - PP.jpg

I complied their stories edited the photography and organised them into a photographic book that provides a positive representation of ageing in the reflection of the lives of the participants at a particular moment in time.

So far, I have developed portrait photographic skills and learnt from and shared time with some fascinating people in our community and produced a photographic book titled 'Frames of Mind' as a gift to the participants. I have completed the PDF copy of the book awaiting the final published product unfortunately delayed due to current circumstances.

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