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Week 8, Term One, 2018

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My name is Luke Jackson and for my Personal Project I have shaped and built my own personal surfboard. I wanted to extend my knowledge of surfing and experience the challenges of building a surfboard.

My surfing has evolved over the years and my experience has made me more aware of the surfing equipment required. My mentor Jason Jameson helped me extend my knowledge of surfboards and develop my Personal Project.

I have based my Project on a surf trip I am taking to North Sumatra in a few weeks, when I wanted to use my board. The research, concept and design commenced at the end of last year with Jason, and has come together with a finished product I am proud of, in time for my upcoming trip. Considering the level of skill involved for this Project, without the involvement of my mentor Jason, I would have struggled to complete it.

Over the design and production time, my Personal Project has taught me to appreciate the amount of work, skill and knowledge that is required to build a surfboard. These are skills that can not be acquired simply by building your first surfboard from start to finish. It’s also exposed me to the technological advancements in building a surfboard through the use of computer profiling machines.

Surfboards now are not just not a hand made product. Surfboard production is a combination of the technological advancements of computer profiling, combined with specific hand-finishing, labour intensive skills to complete the finished product.

I am proud of my end result, and I can’t wait to ride it!

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