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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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Achieving academic excellence in Maths in the 21st century is a unique challenge. Numeracy remains a fundamental part of education, but the teaching of the basics has evolved considerably over the past few decades.

Most adults now in the workforce wouldn’t even recognise the modern Mathematics classroom. The Maths Lab allows teachers and students to challenge the traditional approach to teaching maths and engaging in real world tasks and gathering data first-hand, allows the students to make authentic connections with the world in which they live.

This week in the Maths Lab, the Year 9 Mathematics extension class used their skills in statistical analysis to conduct an inquiry-based activity into the relationship between their arm length and height. Students divided into groups of all boys and all girls to take measurements, make calculations and graphically compare data between the boys and girls. Students were also able to quantify how their individual results compared with their respective gender group. Although the spread of results between the boys and girls were closely matched, students were surprised to discover that on average the arm length to height ratio of the girls was significantly higher than the boys.

The Year 9 students thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning by collaboratively applying their knowledge to a real world investigation.

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