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Week 5,
Term Four, 2016

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Sarah Hossy is one of the many migrants who moved to Australia from South Africa to make a new life with her family.

“We came here with four suitcases and a car seat with a stuffed toy monkey in it!” she recalls ... and as I sit in front of her, I realise how lucky we are to live in a country like Australia. (extract from feature article by Year 9 student, Shaurrya Gaind – pictured with Somerset teacher, Mrs Sarah Hossy)

2016 - T4 - W5 - L&L

This term in Language and Literature, Year 9 students have been exploring the ways in which fictional and non-fictional writing influences societal attitudes by studying the representations of migrants in a variety of texts. As part of our studies for this final unit of work for the year, students were asked to interview a member of the Gold Coast community who came to Australia as a migrant. Taking on the role of a journalist working for a weekend magazine, students then wrote a feature article about their interviewee.
Feedback from the students indicates that they gained a valuable insight into the lives of others in the process of writing a biographical feature article. While Shaurrya Gaind chose to write about Somerset College Senior School Teacher, Mrs Hossy, many students enjoyed writing about a parent or grandparent, another family member or a friend.

We have now moved on to studying a range of migrant poetry in order to continue our worthwhile exploration of the way that writers influence societal attitudes and promote a deeper understanding of our common humanity.

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