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Week 7, Term One, 2018

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My name is Dom, my Personal Project idea grew from when I was young and began playing Basketball. I decided to harness my skills and knowledge of the sport and use them to help those younger than me.

As I advanced with Basketball in Senior School, I became aware of the dedication and sacrifice so many people were putting in for me to do what I love. I was able to develop a Personal Project after noticing the benefits I gained from the support I was given.

In an attempt to give back to the community, I am coaching an under/15s Basketball team. This utilises my skills and IQ to help younger players grow on and off the court. With the help of Mr Whish and an AIS online coaching programme, I am understanding what it is like to be a coach, while helping the community greatly.

So far, I have started training my team and getting to know them. This process will continue for a few weeks, as I learn where each player’s strengths and weaknesses lie. This procedure is teaching me how to communicate with younger children.

Over time, the Project has taught me how important it is to give back to the community who sacrifice so much to get you where you are now.

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