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MYP Personal Project - Anna Harris




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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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Hello, my name is Anna Harris and I am in Year 10 finishing my final year of the Middle Years Programme. As a part of this we were given the task to complete a Personal Project, which is undertaking a project of your choice.

I decided to do a project to raise awareness of teen drinking, hence my idea of doing an interpretative video on teen drinking. I recently finished my video and uploaded it to YouTube. I sent the URL to a few different companies raising awareness of teen drinking problems such as Lifeline, and I was very pleased to hear very nice feedback from these companies.

This project has definitely taught me that you can achieve anything if you’re determined as I’ve never filmed and edited a video before. Furthermore, it has helped me believe in my abilities a lot more than what I did before the project. The Personal Project has given me a lot of opportunity to send a message out and it has been an amazing experience and it has been a privilege to have such an opportunity.

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