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MYP Personal Project - Blake Mills




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Week 4,
Term Two, 2016

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My name is Blake Mills and as a part of completing the final year of the Middle Years Programme, I have had to undertake a Personal Project where I complete a project of interest to me.

For my project, I decided to fully restore a 1971 Honda z50a k2 GE type mini bike. This was the second generation of mini bikes built by Honda and I chose this bike because of its rarity and collectible value.

My project was to completely restore my bike from just an old untouched bike that was forgotten about in the back of a shed, and turn it into a factory fresh restored bike, using only 100% genuine original parts. I did this because of the lack of genuine bikes out there, meaning mine would stand out, and the fact that the money spent on genuine parts now, is easily made up for when it comes to resale.

During the project I have had to overcome many obstacles, like figuring out the reassembly process, and much more. For me, this was the first mechanical restoration I have completed and so it was a new experience for me. I have learnt many valuable lessons throughout the project, like the basic fundamentals of what makes up a motorbike, and how it all works. I have a greater understanding of what goes on behind the engine and how it all works together.

Now I am currently at the final stage of my project, my bike is almost complete visually, but mechanically there are still some small things, like wiring and getting it started. I aim to have the bike completed in the next week ready to be ridden.

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