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MYP Personal Project - Ella Crough-Heaton




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Week 6,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Ella, and the context for my 9-month project was ‘Inquiry into Scientific and Technical Innovation’. Established from my love and interest in both animals and construction (hands-on projects), my Personal Project is to, in the given time frame, build a customised dog kennel.

Such a kennel can provide our dog, Zola, with comfort and protection from the elements all year round and primarily focusing on the weather, particularly because dogs are extremely susceptible to heat stroke as they’re unable to efficiently and effectively cool themselves with ease, as we do.

After accumulating a basic knowledge and understanding of potential causes for heatstroke in dogs, I began a brainstorm of how I could counteract and thus address these factors into my dog kennel. As informed by my research, I developed basic criteria that my kennel must fulfil: the kennel must be able to keep our dog warm and dry in winter and cool in summer, sufficient protection from the sun, protection from the elements (rain) and the kennel must be well ventilated.

After careful planning and designing for my kennel, I finished my final design which incorporated the use of louvre-like structures for the walls (to provide necessary protection from the sun, whilst still providing sufficient ventilation), as well as a skillion (slanted) roof to provide protection from the rain and sun. I have recently finished the construction of my kennel and despite the late and shaky start, I am able to confidently say that my completed product was just as I had wanted it to turn out. My dog likes it too.

This project has allowed me the opportunity to become more aware and familiar with construction, whilst enabling me to build my project for the benefit of someone other than myself. I also found out that the actual constructing part of a project is quite minimal compared to the preparation that needs to be completed beforehand to ensure that the product is done correctly. Good luck to everyone else for their Personal Projects!

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