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Week 5,
Term Two, 2016

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My name is Jade Mansell, and I am a Year 10 student midway through my Personal Project. The most difficult part about the Personal Project, is deciding what to do.

About two years ago, a mother koala and her joey wandered onto our small acreage block at Tallebudgera. The mother fell asleep in a non-eucalypt tree, while her joey ventured from her back to try and eat some leaves. We watched in sadness as this poor animal realised it wasn't a food source. It then occurred to us that we don’t have a Eucalypt tree on our property.

This was the basis of my project plan, to include my neighbourhood estate in a mass koala food tree planting. I made contact with Senior Conservation Councillor, Nina Bishop, wildlife vet and urban koala management adviser, Dr Jon Hanger, and Bush Nuts Native Nursery owner, Charlie Booth.

After some research and advisement, my whole neighbourhood was delivered a gum tree to plant on their property with an information brochure outlining the plight of the koala and my intentions to help them. I have received some wonderful feedback with some neighbours asking for more trees to plant!

I was lucky enough to visit the Koala Veterinary Clinic at Toorbul, where Dr Jon Hanger introduced me to his project in managing and protecting a large population of koalas living in an urban environment along the Morten Railway line. His work is inspirational and vital in supporting the fragile koala population forced to live amongst human population. I learnt so much about koala conservation and the adversities our poor koala face. Not only habitat destruction, but disease, dogs, cats, cars and stress from all these things combined.

Please visit my display at the MYP Exhibition in October and read about the outcome of my Project - it will make you realise how simply we all can make a difference.

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