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Week 3,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Jason Zhang and I am part of the Year 10 cohort that has undertaken the MYP Personal Project in 2016. For my Personal Project, I have chosen to create a nutritional cookbook, with the aim of allowing for those with vegan and vegetarian lifestyles to get proper nutrition.

My cookbook, titled "The Clever Cookbook", begins with a chapter on nutrition, which addresses such topics as energy intake, meal plans, macronutrients and micronutrients. This is followed by a series of 19 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, complete with nutritional information.

The Personal Project has proven to be an excellent learning experience in many respects. In addition to the subject specific knowledge I have gained from the research I conducted, I have also vastly improved my self-management skills. These self-management skills, such as the ability to effectively and efficiently organise my time using action plans and to stay motivated are skills that have been beneficial to my learning across all subjects and to my education as a whole.

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