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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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When we were introduced to the Personal Project at the end of Year 9, I had a few ideas to choose from. Designing and building a treehouse was one of them, and to start with this seemed like an awesome but totally unachievable idea.

After doing a bit of research to see examples of other people’s work, I was inspired to pursue the idea of building a treehouse which would serve a private space to express my creativity. I began my lengthy project in the holidays and from the first day I knew it was going to test my perseverance and self-disciplinary skills.

I built the roof first, as it would be easier without having to lean over a structure below. Designing it required a lot of time, maths equations and research but I found I thoroughly enjoyed being able to create something that looked exactly as I wanted it to. I included a trapdoor to allow me to access the roof, which provided extra space and added to its uniqueness. The base supporting platform was the next thing I began on and I decided to make it an octagonal shape. This was a challenge as I had to then use a crossed half lap joint to make sure the structure had the appropriate shape and strength to support the floors and walls. I made plenty of mistakes but I learnt to keep going and not be too hard on myself. Soon I found myself improving hugely. Procedures that had taken me awhile when I first started, like using the circular saw, jigsaw and drill, I became more skilled at and I found myself enjoying the whole process even more.

I am currently working on the walls of the treehouse that I have decided to make out of bamboo. Lashing it together is a traditional joinery method and although it is time consuming, it is effective. Designing and building a treehouse in the time period given is extremely challenging but it is a challenge that is teaching me more about myself and what I am capable of. I chose a Personal Project that was ambitious because I wanted to generate creative new insights and produce something I am truly proud of.

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