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MYP Personal Project - Jessica Lekich




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Week 9,
Term Two, 2016

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My name is Jessica Lekich and for my MYP Personal Project, I have created a short film on the effects of domestic violence on children and their families. Being very passionate about film creation and equality in society, I felt that a year-long project would be the perfect forum in which these two ideas come together.

At the end of last year, I decided that I wanted to create a piece of cinematography, however struggled to come up with a topic to explore. After seeing a confronting interview on TV about the rise of domestic violence in Australia, I realised this was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and help stop the incidence of this issue. I began researching different ways to plan, create and produce a short film. I then started writing my script, in conjunction with my research. During this process, I established my story-line. I wanted to convey, that even though children may not be physically beaten in abusive family situations, the emotional scars they incur as a result are just as severe.

After the script writing process, I began filming. This step was long and tedious, however very worthwhile. When comparing my creative filming skills from day one to my final day of shooting, the progress I made was very surprising. I found a good example of this when I started editing, as I had to spend more time on my initial shots as opposed to my latest shots. Editing has since become the longest stage of production. I have found that my Personal Project journey has been very rewarding as I feel I have become more of a risk taker and a communicator. I have gained the confidence to ask industry professionals for assistance and even had conversations with members of the public about my project. My aim is not only to complete my Personal Project but to provide the community with a valuable tool through which discussion of a controversial topic becomes much easier.

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