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MYP Personal Project - Joyce Louie




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Week 8,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Joyce Louie and I'm in Year 10, currently doing my last year of the Middle Years Programme, or the MYP. Since last year in Term Four, I have been working on my Personal Project, which is to create a scrapbook exploring Hong Kong street food.

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city in China and has developed its own culture, becoming an attraction that both tourists and locals enjoy. Hong Kong street food is famous for its deliciousness, its efficiency in service and how it is available everywhere. My heritage stems from this amazing city, my parents growing up there. With many relatives living in Hong Kong, I visit it annually. As I grew older, I became more interested in the culture of Hong Kong and how street food plays a large role. I learnt the lifestyles the people of Hong Kong lived through the street food.

Thanks to the opportunity the MYP has offered for us, I used it to explore more on Hong Kong's street food culture. To present this, I created a scrapbook, looking at a variety of different street foods, as well as giving my own personal rating, therefore making my scrapbook more personal to me. An experience I will never forget is when my grandma taught me a recipe for lor mai chi, a traditional popular street food. Together, we created the dish, my grandma taught me how to cook it. I presented our recipe in my scrapbook, including pictures and steps. Through this experience, it made my scrapbook more personal to me, as it is a memory of our time in the kitchen. I also explored the fishball riots in February this year, and how that has impacted the people of Hong Kong and its look on street food.

Through the Personal Project, I have become more in touch with the place that I come from. My project may not make a huge difference to the world, but has enabled me to explore a culture that is important to me. I have become a better communicator and more creative thanks to my scrapbook, these being two of the many skills and aspects that the MYP, and the PYP, has been teaching us since we were young. The Personal Project gives everyone an opportunity to explore deeper, while being extremely enjoyable as well.

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