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Week 8,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Kydra Walden and over the past months I have partaken in the MYP Personal Project. For my Personal Project I decided to research, design and construct my own sporting stadium complete with a 1:350 scale model.

As I have a particular interest in architecture and structural design I saw this as the perfect opportunity to broaden my skill sets in a task that I am very passionate about, producing a product that will successfully meet the needs of a local, national and international community.

Having always had a passion for sport, soccer in particular, the Personal Project provided the perfect opportunity for me to take something I love and combine it with a new found skill set, architectural design. I have always had a profound interest when it comes to architecture and so through months of researching I decided upon designing my own stadium that replicates a complete and functional structure. The goal of my stadium was to improve upon existing designs using modern science and technology providing the best possible facility for the widest range of people.

My project consisted of three main phases these being research, design and construction. Early on in Year 9 at the commencement of the Personal Project, I began what would be weeks of researching helping me to better my understanding of the task ahead. I investigated the ins and outs of a functional stadium making sure I included the smallest of details in order to meet the needs of my complete target market. In the research phase I also did a lot of work in regards to learning how to build an architectural model, having never done so before. I had to develop many new skills through online tutorials to best prepare for when I began my own model.

Completing my research, I then moved onto the design phase where I put my ideas on paper. I developed multiple sketches showing interior and exterior angles as well as basic floor plans to make the construction process easier. Design inspiration was drawn from the UEFA (Union of European Football Association) champions league and its star-shaped panelled ball. This can be seen by the elongated shapes covering the exterior of the structure. Finally, I began construction of my stadium. My stadium is made completely from foam board and is finished with trees, grass, roads and a dual lane train track running along the ground floor and through the centre of the stadium. I am in the final stages of assembling the top-most layer of seven, with the stadium almost near completion.

It was clear from the very early stages that I was undertaking an ambitious and time-consuming task. However, piece by piece I have managed to replicate my vision and ultimately achieve my goal. It has been rewarding to put plans into action and achieve a quality outcome that will address the needs of a growing community.

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