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Week 5,
Term Three, 2016

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As we are very hands on and practical people we wanted to do something that would help us develop skills and knowledge that could help us no matter where life takes us. So together we decided to restore, rebuild and repair a trailer and then design and build a Stock Crate for it.

This Stock Crate would allow us to use the trailer to move our various livestock around to shows, other properties and anywhere else we need to take them.

2016 - T3 - W5 - MYP Pye

With the help of our Grandfather, we found an old, rusty tandem trailer for sale and after checking that the axles and support structure was still sound we decided this would be perfect for our project. Now the hard work started.

Throughout the refurbishment and repair phases we learnt how to use a number of different processes and tools to remove old rust, metal and paint. We also learnt how weld and the science behind welding. In addition, we also learnt how to treat the metal to minimise the likelihood of rusting in the future. We also learnt how to install a wiring harness, regrease and repack bearing and a number of other very useful skills.

Once restored we had the trailer inspected by a professional and it was certified as safe and all work completed correctly. We then had the trailer registered and we were ready to enter the next phase of the project – Design and Manufacturing.

We discovered during the design phase we had to consider many things; height, weight of components, construction process, tolerances, mounting techniques, functional requirements and the list goes on. Once all these variables were considered and made it was amazing how quickly the manufacturing phase went. Once again we got to hone the skills we learnt in the first part of our project and build on our knowledge.

The Personal Project has allowed us to learn about many topics and get an understanding of areas of knowledge that we would never have been able to comprehend without the opportunity to get hands experience and actually see the processes in action and the reactions taking place.

The skills we have learnt will help us in every part of our life and have given us a real passion to continue to learn.

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