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MYP Personal Project - Madizen Wilkins




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Week 7,
Term Two, 2016

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My name is Madizen Wilkins, and I am a Year 10 student undertaking the last year of the Middle Years Programme and with this I am required to take part in the Personal Project. Near the end of Term Four last year, our Year Level was introduced to the Personal Project, and one of the hardest parts of the project was easily making a decision on what to do.

As I was moving house throughout the Term One and Two holidays to the beach, I was thinking of doing some sort of photography on the beach. I finally came to the conclusion that I would take photos from my street looking out on the water towards Surfers Paradise. I decided to take nine photos in the same location, that were taken throughout different weather conditions.

As I began taking photos I realised that taking these photos means that they could last for generations, through this they are able to show how places change over time, especially buildings and beaches. The biggest thing that you need to be aware of is the amount of time you have to do the project. As I decided to get my photos printed onto canvases, I needed to start taking the photos as soon as possible.

I am currently writing my essay and hanging my canvases on the wall in the entry way of my new house. The project has taught me a lot through communication and building on characteristics that may not have been built on without the project. Making sure you use your time wisely will ensure that you enjoy your project and it won’t be a stressful project to take part in.

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