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MYP Personal Project - Michael Guy




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Week 8,
Term Two, 2016

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My name is Michael Guy and as part of my final year in the MYP, I have been completing my Personal Project. I chose to complete an inquiry into Personal and Cultural expression. This led me towards my goal of creating a comprehensive pictorial review of international cricket in 2015.

After doing some background research into sporting books, I found a gap of a book which details each cricketing series throughout the year. Several books existed which detailed statistics and records of teams and individuals. However, I could not find a book that was a review of the year that was. I saw an opportunity to create a meaningful project, as 2015 was a massive year for cricket with an Ashes series, World Cup and several fantastic bi-lateral series. After researching these events and other international cricket, I needed to devise a system which gave priority (more pages) to certain series. I experienced difficulties when creating this system, as some combination of pages made the book too long and others made the series not have enough pages to depict all matches played.

I started by collecting and collating the images which best depicted the series. This was a lengthy process as the year contained 34 different series and some were split up into cricket’s three formats. Once, the initial gathering stage was complete, I needed to further edit down the amount of photos to fit into my book. I then added them into my photo book and by the end I had created a product which I am proud of.

During the Personal Project I have gained a deeper and more thorough understanding of my chosen global context and I have learnt how to use challenges faced to make the final outcome of the situation better. I look forward to displaying my product at the exhibition in October.

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