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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Uni Kyeong, and as a part of the MYP Programme I was required to complete a year-long Personal Project. For my project, I have been working on raising awareness for safety on Australian beaches and Surf Life Saving Australia.

I am a member of Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club (BHMP SLSC), and I am involved in various activities in the club. As a Surf Life Saver, one of my main roles in this community is to patrol Burleigh Beach. During patrols, I have observed several occurrences where tourists, or even locals, do not understand or obey the signs and rules on the beach. Last year, there were 102 drownings across the country’s coastlines, but none of these deaths had occurred between the red and yellow flags. The main objective of Surf Life Savers is to prevent and protect members of the pubic from dangerous situations on the beach. I believe that by raising awareness of beach safety rules, even the simple rules like swimming between the flags, the beach will be a safer environment for the whole Australian community. This is why I decided to undertake this project of raising awareness and understanding of safety on the beach.

In order to achieve my goal of raising awareness for beach safety, I have created a stop motion animation in three languages, designed informative posters, made a photo stand, fund-raised and improved in my own surf lifesaving skills. Out of these tasks, the photo stand was the most time-consuming, but rewarding. After completing the photo stand, I contacted Burleigh Surf Club, and I was allowed to set up my photo stand at the club entrance. The photo stand can still be found at the entrance to Burleigh Heads Surf Club, so please take a photo in it and upload it to social media (or email it to me), as there are great prizes to be won!

Through the Personal Project, I have extended my knowledge of beach safety, and how important it is to obey and understand the rules. Before commencing this project, I only had the ideas and passion for Surf Lifesaving and ensuring the safety of people on the beach, and now after the completion of the project I am very satisfied with its successful outcome. Not only this, the project has helped me to develop and grow as a better person. This project has been a creative outlet amongst all of my other commitments, which has helped with managing my state of mind and my organisation. Likewise, the project has been a good learning pathway to overcome my mistakes and to reflect on adversities to improve and develop as a more resilient and persevering person. Overall, I am very proud of how far I have come since the start of the project, and this project has opened me up to what it really means to be a part of the IB system. By reflecting and overcoming obstacles throughout the project, it has helped me develop many redeeming characteristics which I can apply to many situations. The Personal Project has definitely had a positive impact on me, and my future learning.

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