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Week 2,
Term Three, 2016

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My name is Alexandra Gerrard, and this year I have been working on completing my MYP Personal Project. We were introduced to the Personal Project at the end of Year 9, and since then have been working hard to achieve our goals and finish our final year of MYP.

At the end of last, I brainstormed on the many different ideas I could do for my Personal Project. Although they were all great ideas, I found that none of them challenged me and extend my skills. That is why after lots of deliberating, I finally decided on writing a novella in French based on the Paris terrorist attacks in November last year. I knew that this would be a very time-consuming project as writing in another language is not easy, however I felt that it would really put my abilities to the test, and therefore started the long haul of writing a story.

Writing a novella is no easy feat, and requires lots of careful planning and working out how the storyline will evolve and remain engaging to readers. Also, since I was basing my novella off a true story, I knew a large amount of research would be required. Over the holidays, I investigated the Paris attacks from last year, and documented in detail everything that happened on the night of attacks. I put together a timeline that followed the events, and then based my story off that. I carefully planned out each chapter and character, until finally I was ready to begin writing. The writing was made easier with the planning beforehand, yet it was still very challenging. Writing the novella was very laborious, however completing it has given me a real sense of achievement. All that’s left is to edit the story multiple times until I am completely happy with the end product.

On Monday the 13th of June, the first draft of our essay was due. I found that reflecting on my project has made me realise what an accomplishment it is, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given to be able to create this project and explore my capabilities. I found that no matter how hard the task, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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