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Nutritious Uplift in Year 11



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    Week 6, Term One, 2019

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    Each Thursday, I have been fortunate enough to participate in the nutrition class for Year 11 Uplift. Within recent weeks we have been learning about the various types of nutritious foods that promote a healthy lifestyle.

    We have also been lucky enough to create some foods of our own; including bright and vibrant Buddha bowls as well creamy nice cream – ice cream with a healthy twist! Last Thursday we were even granted the opportunity of cooking for ourselves. Although, some people’s meals didn’t turn out as well as expected, they were still delicious to eat.

    I definitely believe this class has been extremely successful in teaching students, like myself, more about the ways in which we can make healthy food taste amazing. We have learnt so much from Ms Morel and now have some new recipes to take home and cook for ourselves.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a cook but this class has taught me the skills necessary to create healthier and more nutritious meals!

    Buddha Bowl

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