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Oktoberfest 2017




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Week 4, Term Four, 2017

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Oktoberfest was an opportunity for Year 7 and 8 students, studying German to experience the cultural highlights of one of the world's biggest festivals. On October 12, a group headed to Brisbane to attend the annual Oktoberfest for Teens event.

The festival was a great educational experience for our students as they enjoyed German food, entertainment, competitions and most importantly, language. The program was filled with exciting activities and events including a leg-slapping and cow-bell ringing performance from the Alpenrosen German Dancing Group. Our students sang and danced their hearts away to their favourite song das Fliegerlied and also learnt some typical German Folk dances.

2017 - T4 - W4 - Oktoberfest

Our students could be forgiven for believing they had found themselves at Munich’s ‘Wiesn’, parading around in their typical German ‘Dirndl’ dresses and ‘Lederhosen’, whilst munching on their giant pretzels. In addition to singing and dancing, our students took part in the much anticipated pretzel eating competition and fiercely competitive ‘Gummibär’ race in the main Oktoberfest tent. In the outside area, students enjoyed the rides, food stalls, the German souvenir corner, face painting and the animal farm.

We were glad our Year 7 and 8 students were able to experience and appreciate this culturally rich event and be immersed in the German language for a day. They certainly did Somerset proud with their enthusiasm, participation and conduct. Until next year, Auf Wiedersehen!

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