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Outback Camp - Year 11




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Week 10, Term Three, 2017

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Over four days in August, 16 of us immersed ourselves in outback life. Time was filled with daily trail rides, animal caring and feeding, whip cracking, boomerang throwing, camp fires, Billy tea boiling races, orienteering, wagon rides, cow milking and more.

All our experiences during our time away meant there was never a dull moment. Many new friendships were formed with both peers and horses. Comforts zones were pushed, memories were made and we all hate the thought of it being our last school camp.

New skills were discovered, as well were some of our limitations. For example, hay is not for human consumption, whip cracking is not as easy as it appears and saddles must be well fastened to maintain an upright position on the horse.

Thank you to Mrs McKenna, Ms Ward, Mr Sayer and all other staff members who made this truly incredible, unforgettable camp possible.

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