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Week 1, Term Two, 2017

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My Personal Project is to develop and create a fully functional netball club. I have created a club called Burleigh Breakers Netball Club under the management of South Coast Netball Association. My goal is to have more than 36 players register.

My progress for this project is that I have designed the logo and dress for Burleigh Breakers. I have also done a significant amount of advertising for the registration day. So far, there have been three registrations day, the dates being 11 February, 18 February and 4 March.

2017 - T2 - W1 - Katisha Webb Personal Project

The first two registration days were not very successful because the only advertising conducted was through Facebook and Instagram. After these two registration we did not have enough registration to meet our goal of 36 players. Therefore, the committee of South Coast made an executive decision to have another sign on day being on 4 March. The South Coast committee also made the decision to further advertise for the registration.

I conducted primary and secondary research to discover what marketing technique will be the most effective to advertise for the registration. I interviewed Katie Brown – a Channel Seven sports reporter – and did extensive amounts of secondary research. The results from primary and secondary research both suggested that radio advertising is the most effective. Therefore, the South Coast committee made the decision to do radio advertising. A package deal was bought at sea-FM which contained three live reads and 55 30-second radio ads over a week’s period. The ads were scripted by the script writers at sea-FM and voice recorded by Ben Hannant.

The third registration day was very successful as I well and truly met my goal of 36 player registrations. This suggests that the radio advertising was very successful. This is where I am now up to for my Personal Project. As the registrations have now closed, it is now time to organise all of the players into teams and in April begin competition. Personal Project has allowed me to learn many new skills. This includes, the importance of time organisation because I have learnt that if you want to effectively meet your goal, you need to stay on track. I have also learnt that it is very important to set small goals that is achievable to complete, so the whole task is not so overwhelming and stressful.

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