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Personal Project - Kevin Song




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Week 8,
Term One, 2017

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I am Year 10 student Kevin Song and as the final year of my MYP journey, I was tasked to undertake the Personal Project. My project is on the topic of Chess which is something that has positively influenced my life significantly.

The goal of my project is to create a chess board and chess teaching book to teach the younger generation of students.

To make my chessboard effective, I made a chessboard that can be hung from the wall making it a much more useful educational tool. Furthermore, I developed my abilities in woodwork when working on my board which included measuring, drilling, cutting and sanding. Also, I am well under way in creating my book with drawings and computer design. To adapt to my target audience, I have drawn and designed fun and exciting chess piece characters that are interactive within my book. Whilst working on my book I was able to get an insight into how digital editing can be used to further enhance your designs.

Still to come is the lessons that I will be conducting to the younger students. This will be an opportunity to improve my chess skills as a coach. Throughout the duration of this project, I am more competent in teaching kids chess from the primary research that I conducted and the teaching experience from coaching at holiday chess camps.

I am thoroughly enjoying the stages of my project as I gain further knowledge in my chosen goal. I look forward to continuing my progress and presenting my project later in the year.

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