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Week 4, Term Two, 2017

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My name is Lilly Thompson, and as a part of the MYP journey, all Year 10 students have to complete a Personal Project. Music is something that been a significant part of my life since I was young, as so I decided to base my Personal Project around it. I have also always enjoyed helping to lift others’ spirits, and so for my Personal Project, I set myself the goal of writing and recording an album of positive songs.

I have always loved writing music, and song lyrics, and I have always wanted to write and record an album of my own, with uplifting songs. So far, I have completed writing the songs, and I have also finished figuring out which chords I should use for the basic melody of my songs. Each of my songs have a meaning, depending on what inspired me to write the song at the time.

2017 - W4 - T2 -  Lilly MYP

The songs of mine that will be on the album that I have chosen are all uplifting songs, with a positive meaning behind them. This album will hopefully make people feel happy when they listen to it. I have tried not to write for a specific target audience, but rather create music that anyone of any age can listen to, and feel happy.

I am yet to complete the recording stage of the album, as it has taken a little longer than I expected to make arrangements with the recording studio. I have decided to use a recording studio, as they have the correct equipment and expertise to teach me how to properly record my songs.

I have very much enjoyed the process of Personal Project to this point, and I am looking forward to completing my final product, and presenting it later in the year!

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