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Week 9, Term One, 2018

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My name is Alex Grgic and for my Personal Project I decided to decorate cookies acquiring differing themes. I have a strong passion for baking and wanted to include this into my nine-month Project.

I have chosen baking and decorating cookies as my Project, as I wanted to extend my knowledge in this area. The progress of seeing myself learning different skills and techniques, will be a large part of the exercise, as it will mainly focus on my journey and improvement of my skills. I thought decorating for different themes would allow me to expand on my prior knowledge and apply this to my work as I go.

Learning and researching will also be a large part of my Project. I will therefore allow myself to reflect on my work and process over the nine-month period. Lastly, the global context I have decided to include is ‘Personal and Cultural Expression’. I chose this as I feel I can communicate my personal expression through my work of creative baking.

So far, this Project has allowed me to learn various techniques and broaden my knowledge of decorating. The more I practice, I feel the more I improve. Furthermore, this experience has improved my time management skills as well as my organisation. Balancing my Project as well as school work, is difficult at times, however I chose something I love doing and it makes my Personal Project enjoyable.

I look forward to finishing and seeing the final products for everyone’s projects!

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