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Week 7, Term Three, 2017

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As part of my Year 10 Personal Project I have designed and produced a calendar for 2018, titled Pets of Somerset. I am trying to raise much needed money and awareness for the Painted Dogs Foundation.

Painted Dog Conservation Incorporated (Australia) is a non-profit organisation, established in October 2003. The organisation's aim is to provide support for projects in Africa that actively conserve the endangered African wild dog, known as the painted hunting dog, or painted wolf.

To do this I have created a Pets of Somerset Calendar 2018. You can also help by purchasing a 2018 Calendar for $20. They are available in the Events Office and all proceeds will go to The Painted Dogs Foundation.

Earlier in the year I asked people to send me photos of their pets.

The following are the winners who were lucky enough to have their pets featured each month:

  • Ali Harris - January

  • Matt white - February

  • Claudia Mills - March

  • Emily Hanson - April

  • Angus Riddle - May

  • Yukimaro Ii - June

  • Ella Slawinski - July

  • Bree Butcher - August

  • Mrs Lewis - September

  • Ben Arnold - October

  • Sam Reeve - November

  • Karen Craigie - December

Thank you to all those who have already purchased a calendar.

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