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Phi Nite Was a Dephinite Phinomenon




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Week 5,
Term Three, 2016

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On Phiday Phifth August at phive 0 phive, Phi was celebrated like never before. The Somerset Mathematical Society held their own Phi Night to celebrate this remarkable number, known by the popular name of the Golden Ratio.

The evening began with everyone receiving a phree gift, which was phinomenal and is a credit to the philanthropy of the SMS. The SMS Captains stamped their mark on the evening just like philatelists and introduced the talks, tricks, dancing and even mathematical high phives.

2016 - T3 - W5 - Phi Night

George Tian started proceedings with some interesting puzzles, some of which bordered on the philosophical. James Guy and Mohnish Chand then entertained the audience with more maths tricks and it was a rare occasion that students were allowed to use their phones as calculators. Elizabeth Kay and Duncan Hossy then took centre stage with Celebrity Phices which involved analysing the pictures of several well-known teachers, to see whose features were closest to the Golden Ratio. The winner, with an aspect ratio of 1.6197, was Signor Ham whose ‘bellissimo’ face is within 0.1% of perfection. The Phi swatting competition came next in which students used fly swatters to indicate the correct answers to phi related questions.

Kenta Arichi and Harrison Small then settled everyone down with a talk on Fibonacci numbers before the audience were up on their feet with Graph Dancing and High Phives both led by the seniors. Moves ranged from tangential to asymptotic and from sinusoidal to Roman.

Mr Wrigley then gave a lecture on the ‘Life of Phi” which traced the roots of this mystical number from its first mention by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, up to a recent discovery this year. To phinish off, Maya Hobley and Zara Smith revealed the answers to the Phi quiz and then Phi reciting was called upon by the adjudicators, Bianca Zhang and Aileen Ye. George Tian, who holds the College record of 200, rattled off a quick 25 with ease while Callum Moffat managed 85 digits, but later on in the evening, produced a phine effort of 235 to set a new standard.

Mathonyms (your name in maths) were available from Callum throughout the evening for a gold coin donation to the Jeans 4 Genes charity. The evening ended in the aftermath with hot phies, phizzy drinks and phibonachos and was best described as a phun philled phi phestival phor phree.

The next SMS experience is on the event horizon and will be a ‘Mathstroll’ in Surfers Paradise in November. Everyone is welcome to participate in the stroll which will take you phrom inphinity to beyond.

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