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Prevocational Mathematics – When will we use this?




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Week 8, Term Four, 2018

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For all Queensland schools, 2019 will be the final year for Mathematics A, B and C and it will also be the final Year for Prevocational Mathematics. Prevocational Mathematics is designed to help students improve their numeracy by building their confidence and success in making meaning of mathematics.

According to the QCAA, it aims to assist students in overcoming past difficulties with, or negative perceptions towards, mathematics, so that they can use mathematics efficiently and critically to make informed decisions in their daily lives.

Prevocational Mathematics provides opportunities for students to improve their numeracy to assist them in pursuing a range of vocational and personal goals. Over the past couple of weeks, Miss Kim Capper’s Year 11 Prevocational Mathematics students have been by engaging in a number of work experience opportunities. Students have been involved in assisting in the College Events Department, the Computer Department and the Swimming Pool; where they were hoping to gain a small insight into the running of these areas.

This week, the students experienced working life at Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast Luxury Dealership in Robina‎. Cooper Markovitch, Jess Pridham and Ky Codd, enjoyed the time and hospitality of Sales Manager, Peter Cresia. The student’s enthusiasm for the cars was infectious! This was followed by a wrap up lunch with the students at the Easy T Centre.

The work experience unit of the Prevocational Mathematics course, not only provides students with the opportunity to establish a positive learning environment, but it also allows students to develop practical skills. With its focus on topics like how to do a tax return, pay off a car, buy a house and plan a holiday, Prevocational Maths helps students answer the age old question; “when will we use this?”

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