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Week 2, Term Three, 2018

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Last weekend saw the Somerset Rowing squad travel out to Wyaralong Dam to compete the in the annual South Queensland Championships. More than 50 students competed collecting a total of 17 medals, five gold, four silver and eight bronze.

The first medal of the regatta went to Declan Thew and Joe Lanham in the Year 11 pair, who finished second closely behind the crew from Churchie.

Jade Mansell and Katherine Plume fought hard in their pair coming a very well deserved third place. Jade also came away from the regatta with a bronze in the School Girls Open Single Scull.

It was great to see some of the younger rower’s shine through over the weekend. Zak Van Da Brink claimed a bronze in the Under 14 Years Single. As well as Harry Jordan and Callum McClure who rowed themselves to a silver medal in the Year 8 Double Scull, then backed it up the next day with a silver medal in the Year 8 Quad Scull joined by Raffi Anderson, Xavier McMullen, and Jasper Mansell.

The Year 11 and 12 boys finished the regatta with a glorious race in the Open Quad Scull. The crew of Julius Wright, Blake Mills, Marc Eksteen, Aidan McKeon and Jasper Mansell came away with a gold, and Declan Thew, Joe Lanham, Lachlan Munro, Cian Muenster and Austin Macrossan came away with bronze.

I would like to extend my thanks to Olivia Sina and Reuben Mansell for all their help over the weekend, ensuring everything ran smoothly. Another thank you goes to Greg Juniper, who drove the bus early each morning. And a very special thanks to all the parents who made the trek out to support, especially the parents who help to set up the tents before the regatta.



  • Boys/Girls Leg Trunk and Arms Single: Thomas Liu

  • Boy’s Open Eight: Blake Mills, Declan Thew, Cian Muenster, Julius Wright, Aidan McKeon, Marc Eksteen, Lachlan Munro, Austin Macrossan

  • Boy’s Open Coxed Four: Blake Mills, Marc Eksteen, Lachlan Munro, Aidan McKeon, Austin Macrossan

  • Boy’s Year 10 Four: Samuel Liu, Bryn Hartley, Angus FitzGerald, Chester Whiting, Austin Macrossan

  • Boy’s Open Quad: Julius Wright, Blake Mills, Marc Eksteen, Aidan McKeon, Jasper Mansell


  • Boy’s Year 11 Pair: Declan Thew, Joe Lanham

  • Boy’s Open Pair: Blake Mills, Aidan McKeon

  • Boy’s Year 8 Double: Harry Jordan, Callum McClure

  • Boy’s Year 8 Quad: Raffi Anderson, Xavier McMullen, Harry Jordan, Callum McClure, Zak Van Da Brink


  • Boy’s Under 14 Single: Zak Van Da Brink

  • Girl’s Open Single: Jade Mansell

  • Boy’s Year 11 Quad: Declan Thew, Joe Lanham, Julius wright, Angus FitzGerald, Austin Macrossan

  • Boy’s Open Pair: Marc Eksteen, Lachlan Munro

  • Boy’s Open Double: Marc Eksteen

  • Girl’s Open Pair: Jade Mansell, Katherine Plume

  • Boy’s Year 9 Quad: Cruz Pearson, Nick Tan, Cameron Smith, Josh Mills, Austin Macrossan

  • Boy’s Open Quad: Declan Thew, Joe Lanham, Lachlan Munro, Cian Muenster, Austin Macrossan

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