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Week 9, Term Two, 2017

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Somerset College Chemistry students have returned to the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Titration Competition after a long hiatus with outstanding success, with 2 teams qualifying for the national competition later this year.

On Saturday 3 June, budding titrators from around the coast arrived at Griffith University, Gold Coast for the regional division of the 2017 RACI Titration Competition. Among the competitors stood 12 Somerset College students, some with only a few weeks of training under their belts, and their ‘experienced titrator’ coaches – Ms Hyman and Mrs Leslie.

2017 - T2 - W9 - Chemistry Titration

Titration is an analytical procedure which is commonly used in Chemistry to determine the concentration of an acid or a base. Success is determined by the accuracy and precision of participants, who work in a team of three. A test of both skill and endurance, this competition required contestants to find the concentration of sodium hydroxide and acetic acid samples, while navigating around the countless safety hazards.

At the end of the allocated 90 minutes, students from all schools stopped their titrating and eagerly awaited the final results; a score reflecting the accuracy of their work.

Ultimately, 2 Somerset College teams, consisting of Grace Kennett, Jason Zhang and Alexandra Gerrard, Melantha Wang, Meghan Gerber and Nicole Jo, qualified for nationals by placing 7th and 8th in Queensland. The RACI National Titration competition will take place at the University of Queensland on October 21st and will give our Somerset teams the opportunity to improve their final rankings and consolidate, beyond doubt, their titrating prowess.

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