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Week 5, Term One, 2018

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Our first Science Committee meeting went off with a bang, like a hydrogen fuelled rocket. It was a great start to the year for our committee, with an amazing turn out from students in Year 7 all the way through to Year 12.

Over 40 people came to see if they could outsmart Titration Nation, Grace Kennett, Jason Zhang and Alex Gerrard. We also observed the mesmerising colour-changing-oscillating-clock reaction, and watched how bright magnesium ribbon glows when lit on fire. Last, but not least, we used the Quad as our fume-cupboard and lab to investigate how the reaction between sulfuric acid and sugar can create a snake made of carbon.

The purpose of the Science Committee is to delve deeper into the three sciences at Somerset: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. We want to explore and explain how Science affects every aspect of our daily life and continue to fuel the curiosity behind all sciences. This year our goal is to implement a Science Committee Project, which will raise the awareness and interest in Science at Somerset and will allow every member to contribute. Don’t be afraid to bring along some crazy ideas for activities throughout the year and also any suggestions for Science Week because we want to this Science Committee Project to be the best one Somerset has ever seen.

We encourage everyone to come join, even if you are not a huge Science fanatic and just want to try out some interesting experiments. If you are struggling with a science topic or need some help with understanding what you need to do for your assignments, Ms Hyman and Mrs Amores, as well as a large number of the Year 12s, including our Academic Captains, are happy to help you out (and maybe might give you a tip or two!) All in all, it was a successful first meeting, filled with smiles and laughs, and we encourage every curious mind to come along next Thursday 1 March to Smith 2.1 from 3:30 to 5:00pm.

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